Five Things the Beauty Industry Doesn't Tell You

Five Things the Beauty Industry Doesn't Tell You


  1. Having great skin also means eating right

    Eating healthy makes such a big difference when it comes to having gorgeous skin. Ingesting a bunch of sugar and junk food will cause unwanted breakouts.

  2. You SHOULDN’T use a face scrub if you have acne prone skin

    For those who have acne, scrubs can possibly be making it worse. The abrasiveness will cause your acne to break open and scab. And each time you use it, it will continuously reopen the acne and cause it to never heal or can cause scarring. Using a foaming exfoliante like the Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser could be just the thing that your skin needs to get rid of that stubborn dry skin.

  3. Always wash all of you makeup off

    Yes, this includes mascara too. I know, this seems like a given, right? Some makeup companies and products market their products to last up to 24 hours, or they feel so great on your skin that “you can sleep with it on.” Falling asleep with makeup on is a BIG no! Doing so causes inflammation and clogged pores.

  4. Moisturizer is necessary

    Yes, it really is! Especially to those with oily skin. Not using a moisturizer causes your skin to over produce oil and cause acne. Introducing a good moisturizer into your daily routine will help keep your acne at bay.

  5. Switching to natural beauty takes time!

    I know, this is the last thing people who are going natural want to hear. The top layer of skin, the epidermis, takes approximately 1-2 months to fully renew itself.

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